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Hello everyone! I am an aspiring 15 year old model. I know that none of you will click this, but if any of you have the heart to click on my page, I promise you I won't disappoint you! Please help me achieve my dream!


Removed personally identifying information from the name field at my own discretion. Be a responsible faggot, faggot.



Bollocks to you

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wtf is this



its boku no penis


you are what you watch

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go back to china you gook



This is America
We allow all races here

Except for sand niggers


arab detected

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why no post 372?


very perceptive question

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How are you wasting your time?


fucking ur mum


and ur dad


Euro Truck Simulator

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Apparently someone wrote this on a chalkboard before finals. Thoughts?
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"Remember what it feels like to suceeed"
"Feed on that"


"keep your head down"


>nothing has ever been easy
your mother is an counterexample to that statement


"Push until everything hurts, then push harder"

ಠ ಠ


maximal orgasm

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Grace Hopper is a cool person, but using COBOL as an example of something to be proud…

"COBOL has been criticised throughout its life. It has been criticised for its verbosity, design process and poor support for structured programming, which resulted in monolithic and incomprehensible programs. It has also been alienated from computer scientists since its creation."

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Konnichiwa I immigrant from Japan. Sorry if engrish isn't good.

Where are sluts with big oppai for me to fukku? I am interest in performing bukkake on them






File: 1418324260205.jpg (57.55 KB, 580x384, Bilbo loves bukkake.jpg)

What about bukkake?


go away cracker faggot

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