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Because the chinamen steal their fried chicken.

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fuck sluts


Le but de l'identité misogyne se fond dans l'objectivation des femmes, des filles, et de tous objets qui ne sont pas nés automatiquement sous le contrôle du système patriarcal.


speak english. this is america, you dumb slut.


why did god give niggers such large cocks?

because they're dumb pieces of shit


>implying op doesn't want to suck a black man's penis

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why are Google+/YouTube comments so shit?
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June spat out the semen in her mouth. Tried to at least. 606 days she had spent as a sex slave, averaging 30 cocks a day. The last month had been busy, getting her mouth on 8 foreign dignitaries, including the Thai Prime Minister. She was one of the most elite whores internationally, ranking 8th on objective global rankings.

It wasn't always this way though. She was forced into this brutal trade. She barely remember who she was anymore, and every waking moment was spent putting her mouth on some guy's cock. She took the break between men to look at the mirror of the faux French villa.

What did she look like?
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The station clerk gave her a map, and pointed to the chapel, which came with a shower. June thanked her, then walked to the chapel.

She found the building, a huge cathedral that said "ST JOAN OF ARC CATHOLIC CHURCH." She entered, and was about to state her need, when she saw the priest at the altar.

She couldn't help her self. June immediately found herself with her mouth around the priest's mouth. The priest began to protest because June wasn't a 9 year old boy, but she sucked and sucked and despite himself, the priest's dick got as hard as a lump of titanium. He eventually came so hard that the cum went all the way through June's digestive system all the way out of her ass.

That impact was enough. June's body was ripped to shreds, and so ended her life.



File: 1405055502112.png (344.57 KB, 782x440, d.png)


That GIF is for some reason one of the most disturbing GIFs I have ever seen.


I would fuck june in a heartbeat.


that's how long it would take you to finish, too.



go away faggot


>senpai kush
>implying OP is not same as OP


Every day I will take a picture containing three items related to my day.


It's been 4 days. Still waiting, faggot.

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Have you seen this? What is being done to the country?
The current power Putin has made this database http://apachan.ru/ where you can find detailed information about every resident in the territory of Russia. I checked, and found their data removed, and all that I do that. And then you never know who is out there looking for …


Go back to Russia you fucking spammers slut.

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>The room doesn't feel particularly “radical,” as Greenhall refers to it; it feels casual and inviting. However, providing that kind of environment for women in the male-dominated tech industry is certainly unique. Both at their jobs and at the area's other hacker spaces, women at best feel out of place, and at worst are harassed out of participating in activities related to their profession. Double Union offers women a place to go where they don't have to worry about tokenism, or potentially being violated.

>let's fight discrimination with segregation



We are also working on a list of "jokes we’ve heard before" that are banned in the space, for prominent display. For example, asking if Double Union’s existence is "reverse sexism" is totally a faux pas here!

Values you can assume other members strive for:

Feminism is good
Technocracy is wrong, meritocracy is a joke
Intersectionality is super important
Classism is not okay
Prioritizing women and our needs is perfectly awesome and needs no excuse

Stuff that isn’t okay in this space:
Taking "reverse sexism" seriously

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на колени сука


Ин тхис тхреад, wе wрите ин факе Руссиан.


gtfo degenerate commies. this is america

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