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> Checking every season if there is new chinese cartoon with cute girls experimenting with weed in the funk club after school.

> I'm currently in the process of learning to draw because if they never release it I will have to produce it. My drawing tumblr is http://goodmanfeels.tumblr.com/ (slightly NSFW) You can send me ideas for episodes I might use thme in few years. I plan to watch K-ON because I kinda want it to be like K-ON except not gay or like idolmaster minus the autism.

> Everybody will be having good time and grooving and jamming. There will be lolis with afro and it will be gay and autism


This guy is like a second-order weaboo
Part of functional otaku culture as opposed to imperative weaboo culture

- Higher-order weaboos
- Obsession with "purity" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icVA7QQh0Mk)
- Recursion (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSac6Sp8_sY)
- Type systems (good feels, bad feels)

My god

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Why is it that I have to see chinks everywhere I go?


Because you didn't fuck enough sluts.


Abdul? I thought you were in heaven enjoying your 72 virgins…

D-did you l-lie to us~? A-Abdul~ T_T

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Why aren't you playing it, /z/?


too busy fucking sluts, unlike you



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they've already taken over the presidency
are you next?


File: 1404927883724.jpg (34.8 KB, 650x366, 108168304.jpg)

Fuck sluts

File: 1404704511607.png (335.53 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n5i3ixHkyW1tbff2eo1_500…)


would u fuk dis slut?


File: 1404718922989.png (130.77 KB, 546x320, face.png)


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Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!


File: 1404342886702.jpg (418.95 KB, 1680x2930, 957PdZx.jpg)


holy shit fuck sluts


even if the dick-craving sluts are male?


slut is an equal opportunity term



File: 1404171809672.jpg (1 MB, 954x1024, animugirl.jpg)


You are sitting on the beach, tanning with your dick out, when this girl walks up to you.

"E-excuse me, sir…" she says, staring right at your hard, throbbing cock. "Could I m-maybe sit in your lap?"

a) Beat her upside the head
b) Let her sit in your lap
c) Declare her your waifu
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but as she sits down,gently guide her onto your cock


>gently guiding girl onto cock
>arms holding both sides
>remember she still has bikini bottom on
>excitedly remove one arm from girl to reach for bottom
>realize what you did doesn't physically make sense
>tfw torque
>girl accelerates downwards under the force of gravity
>cock at 70 degree angle
>girl impacts such that there is a force on your cock in the direction outwards from your torso
>beachgoers within a mile hear a squeal
>the sound of an man whose erect penis has just been folded in two
>tfw no blood flow to cock
>tfw necrosis
>doctor on beach runs to save you
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>Penile fracture is rupture of one or both of the tunica albuginea, the fibrous coverings that envelop the penis's corpora cavernosa. It is caused by rapid blunt force to an erect penis, usually during vaginal intercourse or aggressive masturbation.
>aggressive masturbation


>In America the case of Doe v. Moe, 63 Mass. App. Ct. 516, 827 N.E.2d 240 (2005), tested liability for a penile fracture injury caused during sexual intercourse. The court declined to find duty as between two consensual adults. The plaintiff in this case, a man who suffered a fractured penis, complained that the defendant, his ex-girlfriend, had caused his injury while she was on top of him during sexual intercourse. The court ruled in her favor, determining that her conduct was neither legally wanton nor reckless.

File: 1401429151390.gif (2.99 MB, 480x270, gjtalking.gif)


The beginning was ending and the ending was beginning. A young man looked up from his desk and caught the glance of a girl across the room. He:

a) smiled
b) returned to looking at his desk
c) waved hi
d) got up and walked towards her
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brings her over casually and fucks her


He swaggered down the halls with his trophy slung over his shoulder, casually threw her down on the floor, unzipped his pants, and-

Suddenly the bell rings. The young man, startled, accidentally knocked over half the things on his desk. The girl in the corner of the room is still talking with the second young man.

What a strange dream! The young man suddenly remembered something and checked his desk. He was relieved to see that he didn't actually own a manga called "Fuck Sluts! Schoolyard Edition."

The young man exits into a hallway and

a) goes into the men's restroom
b) goes into the women's restroom
c) goes right
d) goes left


fuck sluts


look for homework girl from dream and try to find her so you can hug her and cry and ask if she's okay


"storytime" doesn't have an f, a, or g in it, degenerate

File: 1401481117219.jpg (94.64 KB, 1280x720, EveTaku-GJ-bu-03-1280x720-x264&hellip;)


cute thread.
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mikoto-tan + cat
fuck dem sluts


File: 1402903964150.jpg (65.27 KB, 1280x720, 1402153322906.jpg)


File: 1403120407542.jpg (93.21 KB, 850x850, 1396156821531.jpg)

why are her feet so tiny? it's like they're deformed wtf


File: 1403155176725.png (31.19 KB, 157x96, 2014-06-18_22:19:23_157x96.png)


the tentacle knows to fuck sluts

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