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This is a message to those who live here not
to worry excessively.
Instead, you must cast your idle worries to
the flowing stream.
Experiencing a little ordeal is not hardship.
Napoleon was once a prisoner on an island.

File: 1401416467846.jpg (60.32 KB, 490x538, legendary_trap.jpg)


fuck sluts
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even if they are traps?


fuck sluts


File: 1401653515018.jpg (327.77 KB, 998x1543, ohpgk9f.jpg)


fuck sluts?


I thought sluts was an equal-opportunity term


Look at this slut
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File: 1401257693142.jpg (28.56 KB, 191x271, hisv2.jpg)


fuck sluts


fuck viking


File: 1401302900871.jpg (1.32 MB, 2688x1520, 1401302874397.jpg)

Six flags biatch


Not scary

File: 1401257929810.jpg (319.36 KB, 1920x1080, 1650739.jpg)


Which OS-tan is the best?


long hair slut-tan


File: 1401258069828.jpg (172.99 KB, 1447x1599, gladostan.jpg)


> OS


File: 1401258272690.jpg (7 KB, 190x222, glenda.jpg)


File: 1401258352047.jpg (348.01 KB, 1905x1259, 1665426.jpg)


fuck sluts

File: 1401236009947.jpg (95.93 KB, 934x550, offended.jpg)



> This is a part of what's wrong with modern western culture. Statements must be filtered not by truth, but by how comfortable they make us feel. If someone is made to feel like they're not special, they become instantly offended.

File: 1401168524353.png (227.32 KB, 638x354, 2014-05-26_22:28:31_638x354.pn…)



>asian girl
fuck sluts


File: 1401218400958.jpg (64.99 KB, 400x489, hisv.jpg)





File: 1401219333750.jpg (32.61 KB, 599x337, 12149108.jpg)



Really sexy
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fuck sluts


is that the extent of your vocabulary


fuck cunt




fuck sluts

File: 1401017582711.png (494.43 KB, 770x1280, kaede.png)


fuck sluts
>is trap
>fuck sluts


>dat bulge




File: 1401043266387.jpg (87.79 KB, 400x489, lewd.jpg)



fuck sluts

File: 1401043384757.jpg (238.79 KB, 680x440, stoneage.jpg)



>There, he stumbled upon Yarima’s tribe. He was enthralled and fascinated, and made so many return trips that the Yanomami came to regard Kenneth as one of their own.

>“The head man of the village said, ‘You know, have a wife — you’ve been here for so long.’ ”
>In 1978, he was offered Yarima, who was then about 9 to 12. Good was 36. He saw no real problem.
>“Living down there, of course I didn’t care, and the Yanomami didn’t care,” Kenneth says. “Our culture is obsessed with numbers.”

what is to be done


>Before he departed for a short trip back to the States sometime in 1986, Kenneth told Yarima he’d be back by the full moon, or three weeks’ time. “But I was gone for four months,” he says, and ­Yarima, her protector gone, was gang-raped by 20 to 30 men over a period of weeks. Her earlobe was nearly shorn off.

cultural relativism my ass
why not just bomb these barbarians to shit

File: 1400039486805.jpg (252.53 KB, 645x403, connected-cars-645x403.jpg)



why not have every car look out for its own interest? that will result in the optimal competitive solution


just expand radius so it has time to slow down fully.
then fuck the nearest slut.



before or after the collision?


fuck them. now.



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