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File: 1401907859200.jpg (16.92 KB, 300x300, itsALIVE!.jpg)


Fuck Sater. Suck my dick. Nvm.


Come on Bruce. I want that Wayne Weiner.


get a room



It's been a year and Sater still sucks balls.


good times



I'll suck yours for the low low price of $6.99.


Twas a time of great distress I do recall. APenis physdicks was the epitome of poor teaching combined with old haggery. She also pretty deliberately tried to touch the football players in normal physics.


wait actually?



Sater may have sucked but she didn't strike me as as a pervert tbh


Do you really think she can obtain a dicking with a face like that? She gotta get whatever man-booty she can.



Are you the illustrious HunkOHorseCock by any chance?


Tis my weeb cousin, sir. He loves to partake in the animu and mangos.



hunkosama can i habe da pus1 pls

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