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hey slutty👌🏻👈🏻 chemistry☣☢ students📝! it's time🕓 to memorize💭✏️ your perioDICK🍆💦 table! first1, remember💭 your elemental💦💥 symbols✖️➕➖➗: H is hydrogen💧 and he😉 is heliCUMMING🍆💦👉👌! next2, make sure😃 to remember🙋👂👍 the atomic⚛ numbers123456: #69😯🍆♋️ is thuliCUM🍆💦! lastly3, know your basic💅💇👙 reactions💥. for example, U😍 + Me😍 makes a lot of Cm💦💦💦💦💦! send💬 this to your 10🔟 closest👬👭👫 chemistry🔬⚛ cumsluts👅🍆💦🙀! 00-22 back⬅️: you got an F👌🏻👈🏻! 33-55 back⬅️: you got the D🍆! 66-99 back⬅️: you're a successful💸💰 and smart💭📝✏️📎 slut! If you get 10🔟 back⬅️, you are a true💯 CUMmist⚛⚗!


Fking degenerate

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